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What is a Ring Light & Why do You Need One?

Have you ever had a vision for a photo, but just can't seem to take it?

Let's paint a picture. A picture full of shadows in the exact spots you don't want them. A picture that just doesn't look professional no matter how it's taken. A picture where you look perfect, but subtle lighting imperfections add up just enough to take your finger away from the shutter button.

As technology advances and LEDs get smarter and brighter, ring lights are becoming the perfect solution for getting a studio-quality photo or video without all of the expense and hassle.

Now, instead of spending thousands on studio lighting, you can pick up one of our Halo Effect ring lamps from $49.95! 

 Here's why a ring lamp is perfect for you:

1. Emphasize Detail, Hide Shadows

    Ring lights are perfect for showing off details in photographs and videos. By putting the camera in the center of the lamp, your face or subject is bathed in smooth, even light. All shadows are hidden giving you the perfect shot.

    2. Varying Color Effects

    Photos can look totally different when taken in sunlight versus indoor lighting. This is not only because sunlight is much brighter, it is also a different color temperature. The cool white of sunlight is better for taking bright, happy photos, whereas the warm amber of indoor lighting is perfect for taking dramatic, expressive shots. 

    Often ring lamps only come with a bulb calibrated for one color temperature. The Halo Effect uses Smart-LED technology to give a range of different color temperatures at the touch of a button.

    3. Video Production

    Whether shooting a homemade makeup tutorial or a professional advertisement, ring lamps create a beautiful light around any subject. They are easy to set up and require minimal lighting knowledge to get working as best as possible.

    4. Makeup Application

    Having a lamp with a daylight color temperature is best for makeup application. Since our ring lamps have a daylight color mode producing light at 54000k, they are amazing for getting your perfect look.

    5. Easy Macro Shots

    When taking macro shots of small subjects, it is necessary to have evenly distributed light. Ring lamps give the photographer a perfectly shadowless light to capture the best shot possible.

    Why is the Halo Effect perfect for you?

    If you've always wondered how professional models take perfectly lit, flawless photos, here's a little secret... it's not the camera! Instead of spending hundreds (or thousands!) on a new bulky camera, try upgrading your light source first. You'll be surprised at how well photos will come out, even just using your phone's camera.

    Our mission is to help content creators across the globe upgrade their lighting and take their photos and videos to the next level. We offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, where you may return your Halo Effect for any reason. Check out the Halo Effect here!